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Every day, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, do we like ourselves? Or do we try to hide those dark circles, and  use several beauty products to hide that pimple that came up last night? Do we try to mercilessly try and scrub off those blackheads before we step out of the house?

What is Beauty?

How come girls are generally more concerned with how they look? And as a society we have normalised it, however, if a guy admits to wearing a lot of make up, he is looked down upon. Why do we feel pressurised to look beautiful?

The question that needs to be asked is what is beauty? Is beauty the complete symmetry of the face or your lip structure? Is it your skin colour or even your body shape?

Is looking pretty dressing up as per the societal expectations or is beauty genuinely being kind and compassionate? People say that true beauty comes from inside, despite knowing that, people judge you on how you look. Does looking beautiful come naturally or being beautiful means applying layers of harmful make up on your face? Can’t beauty be in smiling or being with friends?

Is it important to look pretty?

I myself spend a long time every morning, looking at myself and perfecting my looks. I personally never get ready to show others my beauty, but looking pretty enhances your own self-confidence and esteem. However, if a man is caught looking at himself in the mirror, or putting on make up, he is instantaneously judged and teased, but such behaviour is acceptable of  women.

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What Should I Do?

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