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What Is The Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant?

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant method is a modern and commonly practised technique. Royal Life Clinic uses this method to ensure a natural-looking hairline. New advancements have been made in this technique by utilizing sapphire blades. An FUE procedure performed using sapphire blades isn’t a new technique – rather, it’s an improvement of the FUE method that had already proven to be successful.

The operating tools with sapphire blades are designed to open smaller microchannels in the donor area to extract hair follicles. A hair transplant’s final results are directly influenced by the way the channel is opened. We use a sapphire pen at this point to make the incision, which provides an incredibly sharp & smooth cut. The tip of the pen used in the FUE method is sapphire crystals instead of the regular chisel-shaped steel blade.



The image shown above shows that the incisions made with the sapphire pen are more micro-level. As a result, the healing happens much faster and wound scabbing will be significantly less with this method. In addition, we assure that, during the recovery period after a hair transplant, patients feel significantly more comfortable with the Sapphire method.

What is Sapphire Blade?

It is believed that sapphire blades are crafted from blue sapphire stones, but this is not true. Instead, they are made from synthetic sapphire (Al₂O₃). This material is much harder than regular steel used to make the tips, and the sharpness remains for a long time. Precision machines are used to control every step of manufacturing to create high-quality blades from sapphire crystals.

How is Sapphire Hair Transplantation performed on Individuals?

It is a fact that aesthetic operations have increased exponentially in today’s world, where social media plays a major role in exposing the importance of aesthetic procedures. For men, sapphire hair transplantation has become the most commonly used aesthetic procedure, popularly known as the FUE hair transplantation technique. The process of hair transplantation procedure begins with choosing the correct donor area for extracting hair follicles. The hair follicles are removed by making micro punches using a micromotor.

In sapphire hair transplantation, the tip of the micromotor used to extract & transplant hair follicles are made up of sapphire blades. As a result, a higher number of grafts (a follicular unit) can be harvested from the donor area over a shorter period, with the help of sapphire hair transplantation to achieve denser and more natural results.

If micromotors are used for FUE hair transplants, it is called “Micro FUE hair transplantation.” The removal of grafts may occasionally be performed manually in some individuals. Doctors open the channels at different angles, directions, and frequencies following the extraction process using sapphire blades. In the sapphire hair transplantation process, this is an important stage.

Now in the final stage – the process of graft implantation in the receptor area begins. The hair transplant surgeons insert the harvested hair follicles into micro incisions made by sapphire blades. The procedure for sapphire hair transplantation is thus completed.

Thanks to the sapphire method, as it reduces the damage to tissue that occurs during transplantation, the recovery process is also very short. After transplantation, you may observe common symptoms like swelling (oedema), bruising, as well as abnormal wound corners to a very limited extent. The main advantage of this procedure is that the depth and width of incisions made during hair transplantation are extremely even. This way, the method prevents deep incisions (channels), a major barrier to the success of hair transplantation.

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